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Lancaster Banquet Menu

Food Packages

All Food Packages Include: Soda

Breakfast Buffet


Scrambled Eggs
Ham & Bacon
Pancakes or French Toast
Assorted Danishes and Muffins, Juice, Coffee & Tea
Served Until 3 pm
Minimum 15 People
price per person

Buffalo Package


Mini Roast Beef
chicken Wings
Choose 2 Mac and Cheese
price per person

The Sub Buffet


Assorted Sub Trays
Mac and Cheese
Chef or Caesar Salad
price per person

Lunch/Dinner Buffet

Salad (Chef or Caesar)
Choose 2 Mac and Cheese
Choose 2 Sides (Extra Side Add $2 per person)
Choose 1 Meat $15.95 | Choose 2 Meats $17.95 | Choose 3 Meats $19.95

Ultimate Buffalo Package


Roast Beef Sandwich
Chicken Wings
Choose 2 Mac and Cheese
price per person

Ala Carte & Catering Items



Buffalo or Spinach
With Chips
30-40 people

Stuffed Peppers


36 pieces

Chicken Fingers


50 pieces

Mozzarella Sticks


50 pieces

Veggie Platter


16-inch Tray

Fruit Tray


16-inch Tray
In Season

Roast Beef & Rolls / Pulled Pork & Rolls, Oven Roasted Turkey, Italian Sausage Onions / Peppers, Baked Ham, Roasted Chicken Breast

1/2 Pan 15-20 people $75 | Whole Pan 30-35 people $130

Chef or Caesar

1/2 $25 | Whole $45

Coconut Shrimp


50 pieces

Chicken Wings


50 pieces

Loaded Nachos


20-25 pieces

Pizza Logs


40 pieces

Cheese, Pepperoni and Cracker Tray


16-inch Tray

Gravy by the Quart


Side Dish

1/2 $40 | Whole $70

Macaroni & Cheese Mac Pack

Add 30 Chicken Wings $21.99 or 3 Lbs. Of Chicken Fingers $23.99

Mac Pack


2 Hour Notice
Serves 6 - 8 People
Specialty $54.99
Many to Choose From: Buffalo Chicken, Taco, Lobster, Philly Cheese Steak, Stuffed Banana Pepper, B.L.T. or Pizza Mac and Many More

Mighty Pack


2 Hour Notice
Full tray of Mac 'N Cheese. Serves 18 - 20 People
Specialty $96.99
Many to Choose From: Buffalo Chicken, Taco, Lobster, Philly Cheese Steak, Stuffed Banana Pepper, B.L.T. or Pizza Mac and Many More


Substitutions on Request

Baked Ham

Oven Roasted Turkey

Roasted Chicken

Oven Roasted Beef

Pulled Pork

Italian Sausage - Onion/Peppers


Potato Salad

Mashed Potatoes

Green Beans

Baked Beans

Roasted Potatoes

Vegetable Medley

On the eighth day, Mooney's created Macaroni & Cheese

All Macaroni & Cheese Are Made Fresh Per Order

Regular (Mooney's Original)

Our original cheddar cheese mac, topped with Panko bread crumbs and baked

Buffalo Chicken

Grilled chicken, tomatoes, hot sauce, bleu cheese and macaroni crusted in Panko bread crumbs


Ground beef and salsa topped with crushed Tostitos and ja

Kenny Pow Supreme

Sausage, Onions, Green Peppers, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Pepperoni and Bacon.
Mooney's lost their builder and best friend of Mooney's, Kenny Pow. They will donate a portion of all supremes sold to help put both his children through college... Thank you! Mooney's


Lobster Meat tossed with Mooney's macaroni

Philly Cheese Steak

Onions, mushrooms, chopped steak and roasted red peppers crusted in Panko bread crumbs

Stuffed Banana Peppers

It's our famous stuffed peppers and our famous macaroni and cheese. You can't go wrong


Bacon and tomato. OK. the "L" is for love

Bacon, Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese

Our FAMOUS mac and cheese with ground beef and bacon, topped with cheddar cheese and bread

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Three Pigs Mac and Cheese

Bacon, ham and sausage tossed with our FAMOUS cheddar m

Stinger Mac and Cheese

Chopped steak, chopped chicken fingers, crumbly blue cheese and hot sauce mixed into our FAMOUS mac and cheese, with cheddar cheese. topped with panko

Bomb Mac and Cheese

Chopped steak with Mooney's banana peppers, mozzarella cheese and baked

Rodeo Mac and Cheese

Ground beef and pork. Topped with fried onion petals and barbeque sauce

Beef on Weck

Chopped fresh roast beef with our cheddar mac and chees topped with Panko bread crumbs and a Kummelweck topping and baked

Pizza Mac

Pepperoni & macaroni tossed in a tomato mozzarella cheese sauce

Cocktail Choices

All pricing is per person

(Plus Tax and Gratuity)

Well Liquor
Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Peach, Tequila

Call Liquor
Absolut, Bacardi, Tanqueray, Jim Beam, Canadian Club, Jose Cuervo, Southern Comfort

Premium Liquor
Grey Goose, Bombay, Captain Morgan, Jameson, Jack Daniels, Patrón, Crown Royal

*Cash bar available (Bartender fee $25 Hour / Minimum $50)

Domestic Bottles & Wine

2 Hours $9.95 | 3 Hours $10.95 | 4 Hours $11.95

Domestic Bottles, Call Liquor & Wine

2 Hours $16.95 | 3 Hours $17.95 | 4 Hours $18.95

Domestic Bottles, Well Liquor and Wine

2 Hours $14.95 | 3 Hours $15.95 | 4 Hours $16.95

Domestic Bottles, Premium Liquor & Wine

2 Hours $18.95 | 3 Hours $19.95 | 4 Hours $20.95

Mooney’s Sports Bar and Grill Banquet and General Banquet Rules and Policies

* Mooney's Reserves the right to control and inspect all private functions. there can be no food or beverage brought into Mooney's from outside sources.

* Due to health codes, no food on the buffet is available for take home.

* There will be an 8.75% sales tax and 20% gratuity added to final bill.

* $150 to hold the day; 50% of balance due 10 days prior to event; balance paid day of event.

* Payment in full is due day of the event. No Exceptions.

* Guarantee count must be called in 10 days prior to your event. If your attendance is greater, you will be charged for the total number attended.

* Room Rental Fee Under 20 people $50; Over 20 people $75.

* All payments are to be made in cash. If you choose to pay by credit card a 3% fee will be added to the final bill. No checks are accepted.

* All food and beverages are provided by Mooney's with the exception of cakes, cookies or cupcakes, which must be approved by Mooney's Management.

* Host of the event must obtain Management approval for any decorations. No confetti, bubbles or pinatas. Host will set up time to decorate at Management's availability.

* If you choose to extend your bar package, it is based on the total number of Guests, not how many guests are remaining.

* Mooney's is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items.

* Bar packages do not include serving of alcohol shots.