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About Mooney's

About Mooney's

Mooney’s Sports Bar & Grill was started with two things in mind; families having a fun dining experience and giving our customers top quality food in HUGE portions. When you come to Mooney’s you can expect an awesome family friendly atmosphere, good music, and amazing homemade food and sauces. recognized Mooney’s as one of the top places in the nation to get great Mac ‘n Cheese! We have mastered the Irish Pub mixed with a Sports Bar type restaurant. We have flat screen TV’s everywhere with your favorite game on. Please come in and give us a chance to win over your stomach, we promise you won’t be let down!

restaurant full of happy customers eating at their tables
outside of the storefront with the mooney's logo & "Home of the mac n' cheese"
buffalo wings with a side of ranch and carrots
caesar salad with croutons on a plate

The Real Home of the Mac & Cheese

Mooney’s, an eight-location chain across upstate New York, is the self-described "Home of the Mac and Cheese." Dairy and carbs are serious business here. The selection is astounding with well more than a dozen variations on the classic. There’s taco macaroni and cheese, lobster, Philly cheesesteak, Buffalo chicken, stuffed banana peppers, BLT and many more. The most momentous of all the selections is the Rodeo Mac. Weighing in at over a pound, this massive plate features Mooney’s original Cheddar cheese macaroni with ground beef and pulled pork, and it's finished with fried onion petals and barbecue sauce.

Word to the wise: Prepare for a nap afterward.